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I recently had to wipe my whole entire site, and I'm starting fresh. Starting fresh is both good, and sad. I had a lot of content on here, but truth be told, some of it I felt was outdated, and I've been busy enough that I hadn't updated this site in a long time. So a fresh start it is!

If you are new here, I'm Traci a Christian wife, mother, mother-in-law, Grammy, and coffee addict. I'm many other things too - and you'll just have to browse the site to learn more. ;)

Cancer, Purging & New House

praying-handsIt’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged. Honestly, my heart wasn’t in it, a lot has been going on with our family, work, my health and all that. So I wanted to take a few minutes to share the journey of the last 2+ years.

In 2009, my husband lost his job. By the end of the year, with no job prospects in sight, I realized it was up to me to make up his 6 figure lost income. So I kicked into gear, restructured my business and was making 6 figures in only 5.5 months. I was working up to 17 hours per day, and the stress was out of this world, but I did it, even though my health was in a downward spiral.

Fast forward to spring 2012, and Mark was then working at a small local company, making pitiful money, but with health benefits. I finally insisted Mark go in for a checkup, because I knew that the spot on his neck was malignant melanoma. I was right – Stage 3.

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